Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K by Tilta BMPCC 4K

Tactical Assault Armor

Rig with focus side handle
half cage for BMPCC4K

Professional Camera Cage

Unique Build & Modular Design

Modular camera rig design for blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k. Mix and match to build your perfect rig.
half cage
Half Cage $69
full cage
Full Cage $99
top handle
Top Handle $79
15mm LWS Baseplate
15mm LWS Baseplate $119

Top Handle

Cold shoe features a locking pin to help secure your accessories
Quickly and easily attaches to the top of the cage
BMPCC4K Top Handle by Tilta

Full Cage

Features three cold shoe mounting points to allow you to attach multiple accessories such as a microphone, SSD holder, and top handle
Full Cage for BMPCC4K by Tilta
BMPCC4K animation

Tactical Finish

The camera cage and top handle both feature the same unique finish that allows you to have a firm grip on your camera

Included Allen Key Fits in the Cage Itself

The Allen key slot is sleekly integrated into the cage’s design and avoids blocking the battery port as well as the camera’s fan

integrated allen key in cage
easy adjustment

Holes on the bottom of the cage allow for easy adjustments when balancing the camera onto gimbals

Also works with the Ronin-S and Zhiyun Crane

multiple dovetail slots

The bottom of the cage has two dovetail slots. These allow you to attach the side handle and baseplate simultaneously

Sunhood & SSD Holder

BMPCC4K Partial sunhood includes SSD holder
The partial sunhood features a built-in SSD holder
full sunhood for BMPCC4K
The full sunhood can be attached to the partial sunhood via Velcro
A compartment on the bottom of the full sunhood can be opened to allow access to the camera’s touchscreen

Original Integrated Design Rugged & Compact

The unique USB-C cable features an L-shaped design to securely attach to the camera cage and SSD drive
The customized HDMI adapter also features an L-shaped design to securely attach to the camera cage

Side Handle

Side Handle MHC-1
Side Handle MHC-1

Allows you to use an LP-E6N battery to power the Nucleus Nano motor. Features a finger wheel to allow you wireless control of the Nucleus Nano motor.

Side Handle MHC-2
Side Handle MHC-2

Allows you to use a Sony F970 battery to power the camera itself as well as external accessories. Allows you install a removable finger wheel that can control the Nucleus Nano motor.

SSD slot included in side handle
Modern Ergonomic Design

Features a SAMSUNG T5 SSD card slot which makes the side handle a fully integrated unit that has power and control functionality. Also features a leather hand strap to allow you to securely operate your camera

Baseplate & Power Solutions

15mm LWS baseplate for BMPCC4K blackmagic

BMPCC 4K 15mm LWS Baseplate

The top section features a dovetail-like design to allow you to easily slide the plate on and off the cage. The bottom is compatible with the Tilta standard lightweight dovetail plate.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Sony F970 Battery Baseplate

1/4”-20 & 3/8”-16 screw holes on the bottom of the plate allow you to mount your camera to any tripod or support system

Sony F970 Battery Plate
blackmagic 4K Camera

V-Mount Battery Baseplate

Gives your camera a longer battery life by allowing you to integrate a V-mount battery into the baseplate. Features an adjustable height to allow you to fit a variety of V-mount batteries.

1/4”-20 & 3/8”-16 screw holes on the bottom of the plate allow you to mount your camera to any tripod or support system

v-mount baseplate
Sony F970 Battery Plate for BMPCC4K

Sony F970 Battery Plate

12V 7.4 Amp output. Can be installed directly onto the cage by attaching it to any of the 1/4”-20 mounting holes throughout the cage.

Side Handle MHC-3
Side Handle MHC-1
Side Handle MHC-2
Custom USB-C Cable
Custom USB Type-C Cable
Custom P-Tap Cable
Custom P-Tap Cable
Custom DC Cable
Custom DC Cable
Custom Dummy Battery Cable
Custom DC-to-Dummy Battery Cable
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